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The Mount Olympus

The mount Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece, rises in the southern part of Pieria. Its highest summit is Mytikas (or Pantheon) as high as 2917 m. Many other summits of the Olympus are as high as 2900 to 2000 m. There are mountains in Cyprus, Mysia and Vithinia in Asia Minor, bearing the same name, Olympus.

The Olympus covers a surface as large as 1270 km2 approx. The side looking on to Pieria -northwestwardly oriented- is covered by forests of broad-leafed and coniferous trees as well as deep ravines and valleys. On the contary, the side looking on to Thessaly is more even, being less vegetated by plants and forests.

Ancient Greeks would place the God's dwelling, the famous "Olympus' twelve-god residence" on its summits, with its leasing figure, the Olympian Jupiter, who was the "father of both Gods and men". From this divine residence, the Olympic Gods of Greek antiquity, seated in thrones placed on clouds, would supervise human actions on earth, frequently intervening in them or reforming them according to their own wishes........

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The Mount Pieria

The sublime and abounding in vegetation Pierian Mountains, their highest summit being the "Phlambouro" (as high as 2190 m), and their crystal clear water springs, the mountains that used to be dwelling of the "Pierian Muses", will also cater for tourism and sightseeing. Sites like Paliopanagia, the Saracatsana, in Retine; the Sendoukia in Vrial the Ano Milia; Marna; the village of Elatochori etc, cater for unique experiences by virtue of their marverous natural amenities, their wonderful landscape and the variety of the Pierian Mountains' chlora and fauna.

Two mountaineering shelters are in operation in the Pierian Mountains: the one is at Ano Milia at an altitude of 1000 m and the other one in Saracatsana, Retine, at an altitude of 1650 m.

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The Shores of Pieria

The shores of Pieria are of unique beauty. They stretch along an area of as long as 70km from the Valley of Tempi and Platamonas to Aeginio and the estuary of the River Aliakmon. A broadly expanded sandy beach, which is interrupted, at places, by groves and pine-trees forests and a blue, crystal clear sea cater for unprecedented wonderful holidays. Organized beaches, campings and open beaches at Platamonas (beneath the Byzantine castle), at the seaside of Scotina, Leptokarya, at Plaka and the beach "Gritsa", Litochoro (beneath the Olympus), at Kalyvia, Variko, at the beach of Katerini, Katerinoskala, at Korinos, Makrygialos (near the ancient Pydna), at Methoni, where the same named city of antiquity is located, and at Agathoupolis (near Aeginio), cater for one's enjoying the limpid sea, the bright Greek sky at the beach, the cool sea breeze or the luncheon of fresh fish of the Aegean and delicious fruit of Pieria.

More than 50 hotels of various classes as well as 3000 flats and rooms to let provide lodging according to the traveler's-tourist's wishes.

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Sightseeing in Pieria

With one of the region's large inhabited centers (Katerini, Litochoro, Aeginio and Kolyndros) as a base for one's setting out on excursions, an acquaintance with the whole region can be made. Moving along the national motorway from Thessaloniki to Athens, we set off from Aeginio with its Byzantine churches. Then we reach Kolyndros, where there is the house of Alexis Zorbas, the hero of Nikos Kazantzakis' same named book, and, after that, Methoni, Makrygialos and Korinos.

Katerini, the capital of the region caters for facilitations of all sorts, such as: banks; post office; telecommunications center; car repairing stations; chemists'; medical laboratories; hospital etc. The city is newly built, being a small and insignificant village until 1912. Today, Katerini is being developed rapidly as it is located in the center of the fertile plain of Pieria.

Thenceforward, the traveler can visit ancient Dion, the slope of Agia Kori, the Castle of the rebels and clans-men Lazaei in the Pierian Mountains and go on an excursion to Ai Dimitris.

From Litochoro, which is also ideal for winter tourism or a combination of mountain-sea, one can visit the Olympus, the coasts of Scotina and the Castle of Platamonas at the southern end of Pieria.

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Tourism - Sightseeing

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