Moussaka - a traditional Greek Recipe Alexandra Tsakiridou

“MOUSSAKA” is the shepherd’s pie of Greece. The succulent combination of fried aubergines, delicately spiced minced lamb and rich cheese sauce is irresistible and well worth the rather lengthy preparation. It is always popular at informal parties and can be prepared earlier in the day for final cooking and browning in the oven. This recipe is for 6 people.


700 gr. (1 ½ lb.) shoulder of lamb. (boneless weight)

700 gr. (1 ½ lb.) aubergines

175 gr. (6 oz.) onions

225 gr. (½ lb.) tomatoes

150 ml. (¼ pt.) olive oil

5 ml. (1 teaspoon) ground allspice

15 ml. (1 tablespoon) chopped parsley

425 ml. (¾ pt.) béchamel sauce


Freshly ground black pepper


1 large egg

large pinch grated nutmeg

75 gr. (3 oz.) Cheddar cheese


1) Wipe, top and tail, but do not peel the aubergines. Cut them into slices about 6 mm. (¼ in.) thick. Put into a colander with a light sprinkling of salt between the layers and leave to drain for half an hour.

2) Peel and slice the onions; peel, de-seed and chop the tomatoes.

3) When ready to cook, pat the aubergine slices dry with paper.

4) Heat 45 ml. (3 tbsp.) oil in a frying pan over a low heat and, when hot, fry the aubergine slices gently until tender, in batches, turning once. Lift out and drain on absorbent paper. Add extra oil between batches as necessary.

5) When all are fried, make the oil in the pan up to 30 ml. again. When this is hot, fry the onions gently for about 5 minutes, until soft and pale gold.

6) Add the meat and fry. Add the tomatoes, allspice, parsley and salt and pepper to taste. Stir well, cover and cook very gently for 25 to 20 minutes.

7) Heat oven to 180-C. (350 F.), gas mark 4.

8) In a deep, ovenproof dish, arrange alternate layers of aubergines and meat, finishing with aubergines.

9) Warm the sauce over a low heat. Separate the egg and, off the heat, stir the yolk, nutmeg and salt and pepper to taste, into the sauce. Reserve the egg white for use in another dish.

10) Pour the sauce evenly over the surface of the dish. Grate the cheese over the sauce.

11.                  Bake in the oven for 45 minutes until the topping is golden and bubbling.

The popularity of “Moussaka” has deservedly spread. It is a delicious combination of meat, vegetables and a thick, rich sauce. It’s the most traditional Greek dish and also absolutely delicious!



This is not a specifically Greek recipe, but all my friends love it !


250gr Margarine 300gr Sugar

5 Eggs 1kg Cream Yogurt

90gr Custard Powder 1 Tablespoon : grated lemon rind

1 round cake tin 26 cm 4 Tablespoons : Breadcrumbs.

First you prepare the cake tin, line the bottom of with margarine and the breadcrumbs, and put it aside. Turn on the oven to 180oC.

Cream margarine with sugar until light and fluffy. Gradually add 5 egg yolks and mix well, an electric mixer can be used.

Stir in the Yoghurt, the Custard Powder and the lemon rind and mix lightly.

Once you have done all that, beat the egg whites in a separate bowl and fold slowly under the mixture, don't stir it.

Place the mixture carefully into the prepared tin, smooth the top lightly and bake at a temperature of 180oC, for about 60 to 75 minutes.

ALEXANDRA TSAKIRIDOU is a sixteen year old student at the Fourth Gymnasium. She started learning English with John Foss when she was 7 years old and passed the Cambridge First Certificate Examination at the age of 12, obtaining an A grade in the Interview paper, and the Michigan Proficiency English examination at the age of 15.